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About the Portsmouth NH 400 Legacy Sculpture


For the past year, the Portsmouth NH 400(PNH400) Legacy Project subcommittee, spearheading projects that will last beyond the 2023 celebration and enrich the city for future generations, has worked to create a maritime-themed sculpture garden in Bohenko Gateway Park adjacent to the Piscataqua River. When installed, the 20-foot stainless steel sculpture will be prominently visible along the Market Street gateway to the city/.


PNH400 announced the selection of artist Sijia Chen to create the first piece of public art and the community engagement that plays an essential role in Chen’s creative process. She is meeting with community members in person and via online workshops, starting the week of March 20 to develop themes connected to Portsmouth’s maritime history that will be incorporated into her papercut design.


When the PNH400 Legacy Task Force issued a Request for Proposals for the Bohenko Park Sculpture Garden in September 2022, more than 30 artists from around the world submitted designs. A Sculpture Review Team, including representatives from the City and the community as well as others with expertise in public art, were unanimous in their choice of Sijia Chen’s design, “Endeavor.”


About Portsmouth NH 400th, Inc. (


The Portsmouth NH 400th anniversary celebrations are made possible in part thanks to the support of Bank of America, Piscataqua Savings Bank, Local IQ, members of the 400 Shoalers Club and 1623 Revolutionaries Club and additional sponsors and donors. The goal of Portsmouth NH 400th, Inc. is to give the community an inclusive opportunity to tell the stories that are important to them, through programs, events, exhibits and legacy projects. Portsmouth NH 400th celebrates the diverse and animated social, political, intellectual, cultural, economic and spiritual history of Portsmouth, from before English settlement in 1623 to the present. Portsmouth NH 400th, Inc. invites individuals and organizations considering programs and events for the Portsmouth NH 400th Anniversary celebration to join the collaborative effort. A key intention is for the Portsmouth NH 400th, Inc. team to engage the next generation(s) in exploring what the City’s 2023 legacy might be and deciding how they might steward Portsmouth and its history beyond 2023.

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